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06 December 2011 @ 03:03 pm
     Woke up in the afternoon and received a text from Chesca Lacson. She already arrived in Bacolod, from Taft. She invited us to have lunch and tour the place. We were with her mom and sister.

     We wanted seafood for lunch so they brought us to Abboy's. It's Bacolod's Dampa. There were lots of food and we didn't know what to pick! So her mom chose for us instead.

I ate this all by myself. They don't like shrimps. )-':

Scallops! I liked this very much. We had 3 orders of this. 

I forgot what kind of fish this is but it's also really good and appetizing. Its sauce is the best!

Stingray! Didn't like this much though. There's something in the sauce that can't seem satisfy my taste buds.

There were other orders I wasn't able to take photos of. ))-:


For Jepoy

Had FIC Ice Cream for dessert. And then went to the "White House" of Bacolod after. According to Chesca's mom, who was nice enough to drive us around, this building isn't used by anyone. As in it's just standing there, for photographers to take pictures of. And a place for people to jog in the morning. Haha.

Isn't it cute?

It's a pond full of these, located in front of the white building, surrounded by clean grass and seats where people can sit and enjoy the scenery.

Some fun photos

     We didn't stay for long since it was hot and Chesca's mom was waiting on the car. We visited a cake shop after and then a pasalubong shopBought Caramel Tarts for PEP!  After the sweet stuff, visited The Ruins. It's a tourist spot in Bacolod. It used to be a normal house until it was burned back in WW2 to prevent the Japanese from using it. The structure wasn't repaired or anything, after it burned it stayed that way. They just maintain it. Plus it belongs to Chesca's family. 
This is the structure I'm talking about. It looked that way even if it was burnt. This is my original shot.

This is an HDR version Jolo did. (-:

And this is Chesca Lacson

Fooling around

Because we're cheerleaders!

I like this shot, hehe.

Chesca's grandparents

Me, Jepoy, Chesca


     It was getting boring since we've been there for so long and went around the whole place already. We were craving for sweets do we went to Miren. Chesca's mom left us there because she had to bring Chesca's sister home.

I find their wall design eye catching.

I got the Banana Caramel Shake, the white one. It tasted like someone was having sex in my mouth!!!

My order. Chocolate with Caramel on top and a lot inside!

Chesca's Blueberry Cheesecake

Photo stolen from Jepoy

     It was time to go to the airport to pick up Chesca's dad and JOLO!!!!!!!!!! He was able to buy a ticket. <-":

SEE! <-:

     Went around after. Had dinner at Cafe Bob's. Didn't bring my camera there so no photos. When it was time to party already, went to Sorrento and spent the night with Aina and the other Dazers who happened to be there also.

     Party was already over at Sorrento but not for us! We drank at our inn's lobby after. And then at around 5 AM, we went out to buy more cigarettes. Slept at 8 AM already because we had to wait for our extra bed, which took so long!

And so that was our day 2. Come back again for the third, the last day. )-:
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21 November 2011 @ 03:50 pm

     Last month, while I was doing my 2DAnim2 plates, I received a BBM from Jepoy Guevarra, a friend of mine from the PEP Squad. He asked me if I wanted to go to Bacolod for the Masskara 2011. We've been planning to go there but the tickets were too expensive already. Luckily, his sister and her husband (who had tickets for Bacolod) had sudden business to do at work so they gave the tickets away.

Go figure! Haha.

      Tricky part is, the flight was going to be on the next day already. So basically, he asked me a day before. I didn't mind since I can go wherever, anytime. My problem was, I had 30 midterm animation drawings to pass the next day. So I finished everything in a day, and passed them the day after. No sleep at all.

     I arrived at training and Jepoy asked me if I was going or now. Without thinking twice, I said yes. Game on! After training, I went to McDo to have dinner and asked Jolo to pick me up. We had to be at the airport at 4 AM and it was already 1 AM when he arrived. He was drunk and it was raining so hard. I haven't even packed yet.  Hassle!!!

     I offered to drive his car so I could pack already and he could rest on the way. He didn't agree. But that didn't stop me, I bought him coffee and waited for him to get back to his senses. After half an hour, he was sort of back to normal. So we drove as fast as we could to Fort, packed my stuff and drove to Jolo's house in Manila. There, he decided to come with us. He called PAL and Cebu Pacific and there were no available flights for the day. Time was running so I told him to just check the next day and get whatever available flight there will be.

     I got to the airport and I was just in time. Though I had to flush my V's in the toilet after taking one 'cos we feared of getting caught. I needed it badly though, didn't have any sleep.

     We then got to Bacolod in the morning. We rode the taxi to the inn where Aina Cunanan, another PEP friend of mine, stayed. It's called "Pleasant Travelers Pension House". She reserved a room for us there. But when we arrived, the room wasn't available yet. We decided to have breakfast in the caf by the inn. We had friend chicken and egg.

     Sleep  kicked in again so Jepoy talked to the desk people and forced them to give us a room. Success! We slept and woke in the afternoon.

     Chesca Lacson, another PEP friend of mine from Bacolod, was our "tour guide" for the trip. But she wasn't there yet when we woke. So Jepoy and I decided to tour the place by ourselves, not knowing where to go and how to speak their language. We took the cab to Chicken House since Niko Caballero, PEP friend who had been there, BBMed us to try their inasal. And so we did.

     But it was still closed when we got there. It opens at 4 PM. So Jepoy and I walked around and saw this:

     There's this PEP favorite from Tattle, Taft called "iced coffee" so when we saw this, we just had to try it!

     Went back to Chicken House after visiting Munsterific. It's like Bacolod's Mini Stop.

Bought these along with the coffee float 'cos I forgot to bring my hygiene kit since I packed last minute.

     Finally got to order! And yes, their Inasal's heaven! Mang Inasal's nothing compared to this. Their Chicken Oil's real! It sticks to your gums and leaves an after taste.

    This is me. I just have to take photos of everything I eat, no matter how cheap.    

I look stupid but it's worth posting.

     After eating, we asked the people where would be a fun place to go. They gave us directions to the place and we rode the jeep going there.

Yeah well, doing something bad is always fun. (-:

Saw this church while walking around. Not a church person but it's worth a wish.

Lighting candles. Practice shot for me.

I like being in a very dark place with weak lights around.

Entered this carnival when we came across it. We find the spelling funny... "karnabal"

Rode this. It lasted for around 15 minutes or more. I wanted to puke!

This is how the "karnabal" looks like from above.

     After walking around, we went back to our inn. Slept for a while. Then Aina and her friends invited us to dinner. And guess where? It's restaurant near the carnival we went to. What food? Inasal again. Hahaha! But it's all good. Even if this place doesn't look so appetizing, I got to admit that their Inasal tastes way better than that of Chicken House. Forgot the name of the restaurant though. s-:

So this is me with Jepoy, Cheboy, Aina, and her friends. They are all Dazers so we come from somewhat one family. Yes, I'm a Dazer. Surprisingly.

Had chicken the whole day. Fried Chicken for breakfast, Inasal for lunch and dinner.

Visited another carnival after dinner. This time with Aina and the others.

The ticket costs P15.00 per person. The first carnival we went to looks better but the rides here are more fun. It's kinda hard to walk here 'cause it's so rocky.

     Jepoy and I was tired so we decided to go back to the inn earlier than the others. But we slept at around 3 AM. We just stayed outside our room, smoked countless cigarettes, and talked about a lot of interesting things. We called it a night after the long and very interesting talk.

Come back to read day 2? (-:

Location: Bacolod City
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01 September 2011 @ 06:35 pm
     As mentioned in my previous post, I am now a member of the DLS-CSB PEP Squad. We train every M-F, from 6-10:30 PM. Sometimes we even have Saturday training. Our extra time should be for our studies, self care, and nothing else. A little Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr can be done once in a while.            

     What's also eating up my time is that I am now a 3rd year college student who have major subjects. I really have to perfect time management in order to blog a little. Obviously, I haven't. )-:            

     Well it’s not a big deal. I'm just kind of lonely since I really, really want to blog everyday!!! It breaks my heart to be posting these just now 'cause then I'd be labeled as the old school type of girl. Yeah I know, you didn't get what I just said. Me neither.

Here are some pictures and stories about my life as a cheerleader:
This was during the WNCAA competition last Feb. 26, 2011 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.
What you can see is called “balancing” and the flyers are doing a “scorpion”. This was part of our routine.

Check it out, you'll see what I'm talking about.

That was my first competition. I messed up a little...

This is called a pyramid. We competed at the NCC last March 5, 2011 at the Ynares Sports Arena.

From left-right: Jeska (I miss you!), Me, Kat, and Jamina
And there we were crowned as National Champions – All-Girls Division. Watch our routine!

See the CHAMPIONS bring it!


      After the competition we had basketball games to attend to for FilOil. And that was during summer of 2011.  So yes, we had summer training; whole summer training.

A shot of a half time performance. I am the one carried while performing “Benilde Spelling”.
 Here’s another photo of one of one of our half time performances. We were dancing “Archers” and I’m the one in the front, center

From left-right: Me, Chesca, and Kinskie

Before May ended, we were asked to perform for the anniversary of a certain company at the Araneta Coliseum.  They gave us those yellow shirts for  free and we won “Best Cheer” against UP and some other schools. After this the PEP Squad had dinner all together at Pierre One and drank a little before going home.

Part of our performance for the Dream Team!
From left to right: Chesca , Me, Pau
This was at the parking lot of the FilOil Arena, San Juan.  Last training before the competition.

What we were wearing is our training clothes; white shirt and cyclings.
The girl who’s about to fall is me. The ones at the back are Pia and Marilag (from left to right).

Me doing a “toss-toe-touch”

FilOil Cheerleading Competition last June 12, 2011 at the FilOil Flying V Arena, San Juan.
This is a part of our routine where we danced “OMG by Usher.
My favorite part of the dance
This is Ryan, my best friend in our squad. He was my partner during the dance.

From left to right: Pau, Me, and Kat during the CSB PEP Rally 2011
     Training wasn’t over for us after FilOil basketball games and competition; we had PEP Rally to prepare for.

A pyramid we did for our PEP Rally last June 29, 2011 at CSB Main’s Open Court.

Check out our performance!

That was a PERFECT routine!
     We currently perform for half times during CSB games at the NCAA. It's now the second season. Here our some photos of me: 

Rektikano! Go Benilde!

My second uniform

My first jacket
     That’s the last of it for now. We'll be performing at the NCAA Cheerleading Competition. Watch us there!

     For any concerns, follow our twitter account. Pictures, performances, competitions, fun stuff we do, places we go to, and all the stuff you need to know about the CSB PEP Squad: twitter.com/benildepeppers 

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22 May 2011 @ 07:40 pm
Wow, I finally found time to write.

Hm... I kind of lost my writing skills since I haven't practiced for too long. Let's just try to explain my whole summer vacation in a simple way... What I did:

- watched all the movies showing
- watched old movies on DVD with Jolo
- Ate a lot, gained 2 lbs!!!
- Shopping (clothes, shoes, summer accessories and outfits, sweets, sweets, sweets)
- Mall almost everyday before summer training
- Got fucked up, was too wild, didn't behave at all
- Didn't go home the whole summer!!! (Only went home every weekend to get clothes and money)
- Trained and hung out with the Peppers
- Sleepovers. None stop.
- Facebook, tumblr, twitter
- Smoked, smoked, smoked
- VIP is the shizzz!
- Caught up with friends and family
- fixed my schedule (cause I only had 4 subjects. 1 of them was PE)
- Basketball games
- Cheering performances and half times
- Partied, a lot.
- May 15, 2011 - I'm now 19 years old!
- Tagaytay Highlands
- and what this blog post is all about...
Finally! I thought I'd spend my whole summer vacation in school. My schedule seemed to be in a can of sardines and I didn't want to start the school year without even visiting the beach. Yeah, I got to go to the beach alright, but I wasn't able to perform at CSB's FOP (Frosh Orientation Program). It's sad, because I really wanted to be there. But I couldn't say no to a 3 day vacation. ):

Anyway, let's quit the chitchat and jump to the main event...
Me, Jolo and friends decided to go to Munting Buhangin, Batangas for our last week of summer vacation. We were supposed to stay at Laiya but we left at 6:30 PM for a lot of hilarious reasons. This was the perfect time since everything seemed to be in the right schedule box.

It was very traffic and dark. We haven't had dinner yet. So we ate at Jollibee at a gas station on the way. I was supposed to order a Black Forest Cake (which was available there) and Jolo wanted Chicken Spaghetti. But we weren't able to savor what we planned to eat because the cashier was stupid, slow, and annoying. We had to repeat our order thrice and she ended up giving us the wrong food. We were too pissed to correct her. The first phase of the night scattered bad vibes all over the place but we had to shoo it away for the sake of fun memories that shouldn't go to waste.
Photo telling time!
Jolo and I
 This is me and Jolo.  We took this photo after our late dinner. See, still happy, despite the people who deserve a bitch slap in front of all the customers, the way we should be.
Jolo and I again!
This is another shot of us outside 711.  We stopped by for more alcohol, chips, and ice 'cause we wanted to make sure that our night would be perfect.
At last! Munting Buhangin right in front of our eyes. This is the entrance and the car belongs to Delro, Jolo's friend.

I wasn't able to take much photos due to extreme excitement. Sorry. Moving on...
A photo of some of the things they did there; American football, volleyball, and even Judo.
I like this that's why it's here. Hehehe~

We slept in two large tents. Wanted a camp feeling!

A complete photo of the most amazing/hottest people in that beach!

Is it just me, or are we looking so cute together? <3

Do you or do you not like my new Rayban shades, swimsuit, and summer hat, that I got on the day itself, at 10 in the morning. Hahaha! I went to places just to get those.

Another complete photo of our joyful spirits!

We ate at Tagaytay for lunch on the way home. We had bulalo. It's the main reason why we ate there. This is my bowl that's why it doesn't look yummy.

Look at their chili, it looks like an elf's shoe!

Jolo ordered this also, it's liver and gizard. 

These bananas are FREE! They look so cute 'cause they're so tiny.

These are espasols. A lady there gave one to me. She told me to taste it. She was nice and old, and she didn't give the others (haha!), so Jolo and I decided to buy LOTS of it from her. It was really good and fresh so no problem!
Those are the only interesting photos I was able to take. There are more on my Facebook but they're all vain and I don't think you'd want to see them. Haha!

I had so much fun! Too much, I wasn't able to take hundreds of photos! The night was perfect until the next night. We did what teenagers do during outings like this and didn't regret anything this time. We were all so fucking wasted and overjoyed. I can't wait for my next vacation!
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24 November 2010 @ 12:15 pm
Hey there! I know, I know, I didn't get to post this one on time, AGAIN. Nothing new with that! Well I'm sorry, (why am I saying sorry?) I've been very busy with a lot of things like projects, parties, school, games, and... my latest LOVE:

Paredes, Sara
#6. Paredes, Sara - ME (I have no "H" but it's okay!)
     So yeah, I have less time to blog. Actually, I don't have the time to go online anymore. It's funny though, I finally enjoy going to school. I'd rather go to school to train than stay at home and do nothing. Anyway, this is my 'sequel' to my
previous post. And again, let' pretend that this my secret diary...

     Jolo and I went to Glorietta. We searched for Aviator shades as soon as we got there but we didn't find any so we watched
The Last Exorcism instead. The movie didn't start right away so we had time to smoke and buy something to eat inside. I had a Tutti Frutti Yogurt (I always have to purchase this whenever I go to Glorietta. It’s either this or White Hat) while Jolo had a Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.

     After the movie, we went around to look for a perfect shirt for our
Enchanted Kingdom Trip. I often buy something new (usually shirts) before I go on a trip. I think that if I don’t buy anything new, the trip wouldn’t be comfortable. I'd feel uneasy, old, and trashed. For me it would seem like an ordinary day.

This is the shirt I got.

     Jolo bought board shorts for the trip also. He was supposed to buy Aviator shades but he couldn’t find anything that'd fit him. We have a lot in common; he wants new stuff too before going on a trip.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the shorts. This is the clearest one I can find. It’s the pattern and design that’s

     We headed to
Glorietta 5 after shopping. We had dinner at Gerry’s Grill because I wanted their Oriental Sashimi. But they didn’t have it! I wanted to cry! I've been wanting that for daysss!

     Tears were about to fall. It was as if I finally had limited edition heels and when I got to wear it, excitedly, to an exclusive party, people didn't appreciate it at all. Whatever, it's not like I could force them to produce sashimi out of their god damn fingers. Anyway, we weren’t that hungry so we didn’t order much. We even had a lot of left overs.

Calamares for our appetizer + sisig for our main dish

Crab Rice
Whenever we eat here, we always order their Crab Rice. It’s so tasty!

Aside from their Oriental Sashimi, I love their Special Iced Tea!

Lighter from Amsterdam
Check out Jolo’s new lighter! It has a green light! His mom got it for him from Amsterdam. Marijuana is legal there that’s why it has a marijuana leaf on it.

This was my outfit for the day. Here, you can see where I shopped through the plastic bags I’m holding. If you’re a shopaholic, you should know where this is.

     We went to
MOA to get my allowance from my mom today. I needed pocket money for Enchanted Kingdom. We went around after getting my cash. While we were on the brink of giving up, searching for Aviator shades that would look good on Jolo, he finally found the perfect one for him!
He also bought a pendant that you could open up and put tiny things inside... if you know what I mean. But he hasn’t found a chain for it yet. I’ll post a photo when he uses it already, so that some of you guys could relate to what the fuck I'm talking about.

     We had an early dinner at
Kitaro. I didn’t take photos of our order anymore ‘cause the camera was low on batt.

     Today is
Enchanted Kingdom Day. We passed by Taft before heading there and it was such a waste of time.. We had lunch at Tropical Hut and I had a Drumstick Ice Cream for dessert from 10Q. Plus, I treated Jolo to a Strawberry Hello Panda.

     We weren't able to ride all of the rides available since we were super exhausted. But we still had fun! It even rained hard but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the day.

     I got to meet some of his POLISCI block mates, who were pretty cool, friendly, and funny. Anyway, whenever I go there I eat a lot. But this time, the only food I ate was a
Dairy Queen Banana Split and this corn with syrup treat because I didn’t feel any hunger even if I was tired. I just wanted to have fun and end the day with a smile. At least I didn’t get food poisoned again! I got poisoned during my previous EK trip. It sucked like hell! Literally.

It's check-out-some-photos-time!!!

Anchor&apos;s Away
Anchor’s Away – the first ride we rode. After riding, it rained so hard! Check out the color of the sky?

Wheel Of Fate
Can you see those boys in White Shirts? They were wearing the same shirts because they were on a field trip. Today, a lot of schools were there for a field trip. They made the line longer. But it wasn’t that bad. I mean, compared to summer lines!

Chasa and Jolo
This photo was taken by his friend. I didn’t want to edit this because he might get offended. I love it as it is anyway. Thank you for this!

Me and Jolo
This was also taken by his friend. Jolo likes singing.

And then he suddenly kneeled down and sang to me. I think he lacked attention. LOL.

This was my outfit for the day. I don’t really like this shot because my shoes aren’t fully seen.

I like this shot better but it’s a little blurred. I was supposed to retake it but the battery died.

Because I had fun!

     My mom texted while we were on our way home. She asked me to go to
Greenbelt 5 to pick up the fall/winter boots she bought for me. I got so excited! Jolo was already hungry at that time so we took the sky way; Jolo hungry + me excited = DOUBLE TIME FO SHO! It took us around 15-20 minutes only to get to Ayala, from Enchanted Kingdom. But when we got there, it was traffic. So traffic! We waited for almost 15 minutes just to get to Greenbelt! I was getting very impatient. When we reached Greenbelt, we wasted 20 minutes to look for parking because there were so many people since it was a holiday the next day. But of course, we lived!

     PAUSE!!! Well umm... I finally got my shoes!

     After picking up my shoes, we went to
Chili’s for dinner. But it was full! We were too hungry to wait. So we went to this Japanese Restaurant near by but it was also full. We tried Pepper Lunch and as expected, it was full. We went to Fish & Co. and I suddenly remembered that Nanbantei of Tokyo was nearby. We ate there instead. Luckily there was a seat for us outside. We prefer eating outside because the temperature is perfect. Plus we can smoke.

     I wasn’t able to take a photo of the food we ordered because the camera was low on batt already. I wished I got to take photos of our order though because it was very satisfying. We ate a lot. And when I say a lot, believe me, it's a lot!!!

     Today is a holiday so my mom was free to go out! We went to
SM Megamall with my dad and my brother since Forever21 is there. We didn’t stay for long, I only wanted to go there to buy socks for my new boots. I bought a lot of socks.
     We wanted to buy these flowery and plain black high heels but as expected, no size 5. Bummer.

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15 September 2010 @ 08:15 pm
 This is the continuation to my previous post. Let's pretend that this is my secret diary once again.

AUGUST 31, 2010 (Tuesday)
     Jolo and I were supposed to have LUNCH at
Tong Yang today but he woke up late, as usual.  I was already dressed and all that. My face suddenly  turned red, my eyeballs popped out and dried up, and my voice sounded as if I were an old man torturing a guy who fucked his wife. I was raging my words and actions away, to the point that my make-up started to melt and our house started to shake as if there was an earthquake happening. I tried to stay calm but thinking about how early I woke up just to get ready and be on time, I couldn't help but be like this:

     But since I’m such a nice person, I let it pass and I still went out with him, simply because I couldn’t resist. He then got to my house and picked me up. We went to
Power Plant to chill for a while. We didn't watch a movie since we've watched every movie showing.

     Did you know that if you spend too much time with each other, you end up walking in silence? You tend to talk about the same things, do the same things, and act awkwardly when you finally realize that the fun things you used to do and the sweet stories you used to tell are starting to fade away. But you can't do anything about it, even if you try. However, for me and Jolo, the more time we spend, the more things we do. I admit that we often talk about the same things when nothing much has happened. And the reason why it doesn't bother us is because when we shut the fuck up, we communicate through actions. I know that what I am about to say is pretty cliché but based on my experience, actions do speak louder than words. Usually, when we don't talk, that's when we realize how strong our bond is because of the way we communicate without words. Anyway, I'm saying this 'cause today, we did nothing but spend time with each other in a special, different way, seeing other people in silence. Literally.

     For the sake of doing something in a mall we go to almost everyday, we spent a long time at
Powerstation. Then went to Aldo, Zara, and Topman for new shoes. I also used that free time to deposit a check.

     Since we weren’t able to have lunch at
Tong Yang, we decided to have dinner there instead. Everything there was so delicious! We had an EAT ALL YOU CAN Shabu-shabu + EAT ALL YOU CAN barbecue + appetizers (sushi!) + all you can drink juice + EAT ALL YOU CAN dessert. I thought that I was going to be like a lion enjoying an elephant after seeing all the food ready, but I failed. 

lion eating elephant

I wanted to try to act like a lion but I knew that I was just going to make a fool out of myself, vomiting and all that.

     I srsly desired to devour all of the food available but I guess that I'm too small for it. Sometimes I wonder about how big my intestines are. I bet my large intestine is only as big as your small intestine. And my small intestine is only as big as your brain. Though I'm kind of sure that your brain's even smaller! I kid, I kid.

     Why oh why can't I eat much more than I can handle? It's so frustrating! I rly tried though. Believe me I tried!

     Then again, even if I'm annoyed by the fact that I didn't eat as much as I wanted, I still ate A LOT. My tummy was literally round after dinner. I even asked Jolo to feel it because having a round tummy is so rare for me. I was pretty pleased with what I’ve eaten.

Big tummy

     Like always, I took some photos. But as usual, I didn’t take photos of all the food we ate because I don’t like doing anything else while eating. It's just so disturbing and uncomfortable. I wouldn't enjoy the food if all I did was take pictures, right?

     The photos you will see were the ones I took while I wasn’t busy eating yet.

Some of the Shabu-Shabu we had. Our soup was Chicken flavor, I think.

Barbecue. Some of them took a long time to cook, I was getting impatient. I even got tempted to eat them raw but then again, people might think of me as a supernatural being... and burn me to death!

ube cake
One of the desserts available there. Jolo loves ube cake so he had to get this.

My buffet wouldn’t be complete without halo-halo.

halo-halo with ice cream
Especially halo-halo with ice cream!

ice cream with sprinkles
May I just share how sprinkles on ice cream attract me so much?

Tong Yang
You might want to try it! It’s worth it, I promise you!

     We were on our way home after dinner until we saw a shop along the way. We decided to check it out. But when Jolo was about to make a U-turn, a motorcycle suddenly appeared and we hit him. He fell on the ground and I got scared ‘cause I thought he was all bloody or something. What if he turned into a zombie on a motorbike in a quest to find both of us and transform us to zombies as well? I so would not want to look like a drag queen in a horror movie. Good thing nothing terrible happened.

     We had to pay for his motorcycle ‘cause there was a part of it that was damaged but at least the guy was pretty nice. I guess we were lucky that nothing  terrible occurred.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 (Thursday)
     Jolo picked me up early today (since he feared that I'd mash up his balls and burn his face if he were to be late again!) to watch
Despicable Me 3D. We were supposed to watch it yesterday but Jolo was busy with his school paper. I couldn’t stop talking about how cute it was after!

"Does this count as annoying? Toktoktok~" IS WAY CUTER THAN "it's so fluffy, I'm gonna dieeee!"

     We went to Taft to get my EAF (again) after the movie since it was still too early to go home. But we decided to get a hair cut first. We went to Bench Salon for a haircut since it was the most decent salon (for me) around Taft.

As you can see, nothing rly changed. I went there to have them cut my hair thinly. I'm growing my hair so I just want to take away the split ends and whatever damage there is.

     Then we went to SDA for my EAF. Finally, it was already available! I wanted to jump around all day! I even got to talk to Dey, Rein, and Yuki for a while. That's extra joy for me since I haven't seen them for so long.

     We had nothing else to do in Taft after, so we went to
Kitaro for an early dinner. I didn’t get to take pictures though. But I got to take a photo of one order because I really loved it!

salmon skin maki
It's a Salmon Skin Maki. I ordered this thrice there already!

     After dinner, we went to Market-Market ‘cause we were supposed to buy Jolo’s Aviator Shades but it wasn’t available. So he bought a bag instead. Check it out!

Jolo Godino
It looks good on him, yes?

     As for me, I bought a skirt. Just because I found it cute... or maybe because I just wanted to buy something, as always. Is it just me or do I have to purchase this and that everytime I go out? And when I say "everytime" I mean every fucking time!

Don’t mind the date! I didn’t take a photo of this on the day itself. The design of the skirt isn’t really seen here, I know, because I only used a web cam to take this. And it was already late so the lighting sucked. But that’ll do! I’ll probably post a photo of myself wearing this in my
Dress Me Like Barbie album anyway.
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13 September 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Lately, I’ve been very busy. But even if, I still found time to enjoy my vacation in a simple way.

This blog entry will be about some of the stuff I did these past few days. It's purpose is to update the people close to me since I know that I sort of vanished for some time. I’m sorry for that.

Before I start, you must take note that this is NOT COMPLETE/ VERY DETAILED so to everyone who had extreme fun with me, I didn’t forget about you. I just don’t think that they have to know about what we did. Simply because they shouldn’t, right? You know I love you. Haha!

Anyway, let’s pretend that this is my online diary.

AUGUST 24, 2010 (Tuesday)
*I wasn’t able to capture any photo for today because I didn’t have a camera. But I still want to talk about it.

     Me, Jolo Godino, and my brother (whose name is also Jolo) went to Taft to get my EAF. We arrived there at around 3:30 PM and headed to SDA right away. I suddenly realized that I forgot my I.D in my make-up kit, which Jolo forgot to bring. So he had to get it from his house since I couldn’t enter the school without it.

     While waiting, my brother and I went to
Crave Burger to have merienda. While we were there, I got to talk to Chua Hay (it’s been a long time for realz!) and his friend. Jolo arrived back in Taft 15 minutes before 5 (the registrar closes at 5) so my brother and I hurried to SDA, only to find out that the EAF WASN’T available yet! They told me to return the NEXT DAY.

     I saw Kimpoi as I was about to leave. We hung out for a while 'cause I had to roll a stick for Gino, Kimpoi, Bea, and Mau. I met Mau for the first time and he finally got to visit Wonderland!

     After exchanging laughs with them, Jolo, my brother, and I went to
High Street to skate. It was raining hard but that didn’t stop us! It was worth skateboarding under the rain even if my grip tape was all muddy because I finally know how to Ollie properly! Plus, there were no other skaters around. We had the whole place for ourselves! Nobody was calling my name, making papansin, or making yabang. It was the perfect skating day.

     Skating made us tired and hungry so we rested for a while and had dinner at
Brother’s Burger. Then we practiced skateboarding tricks again. We arrived home at around 9:30, after buying face stuff and sweets from Mercury Drug along the way.

August 27, 2010 (Friday)
     CSB told me to return for my EAF yesterday, but to make sure, I came back today. And as expected, they asked me to come back again. I didn’t want to hate the day so Jolo and I went to
Glorietta to watch Vampires Suck. We didn’t really like the movie.
Vampires Suck

     It was still early when the movie ended so I had time to buy kindergarten socks. The socks are for me, not for some relative in kindergarten. Check it out:
Kindergarten Socks

     I was also able to go to Landmark to buy chocolate, chips, and candies for my room. I always need unhealthy food in my room because I get hungry in the middle of the night and I get too lazy to go out of my just to eat. So I stock a lot of junk food since you don’t need to cook them anymore, and since they taste way better than healthy food!

     After shopping, it was exactly 7 PM. Dinner time!!! We ate at 
Terriyaki Boy. I wasn’t able to take photos of some of the food we ordered because they took such a long time serving them (yes, their service sucks!) so I got too lazy.

This is me ready to eat! But our food wasn’t ready yet! I look so hungry.

Whenever me and Jolo eats at a Japanese restaurant, we ALWAYS order tempura.

Shake Sashimi
I love Shake (Salmon) Sashimi!

I also love Uni Sashimi. Last year, there was this time where I got so addicted to Uni, I ate it almost everyday. I swear! I have proof! They are all still alive!

Ichigo Yogato
Ichigo Yogato (Strawberry Yogurt)

Did you know that whenever I go out, I always have to buy frozen yogurt? And whenever I’m at home, I eat Nestle’s Yogurt. I am srsly a yogurt addict. I eat it EVERYDAY.
Nestle Yogurt
These are the ones I buy whenever we go to the grocery. This is a MUST BUY!!!

Now I'm happier because they have a new product which I love. Yogurt + Jelly:
Yogurt and Jelly
 Moving on, 

There are times when I am camera shy. Usually when I’m eating.

This drawing looks like Jolo Godino.
 Let's end my first part here. I don't want this to be long. I'll be blogging about the continuation of my simple events very soon! <3

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25 August 2010 @ 07:30 pm
Hey guys! Here's my err... "sequel" to my previous post. I know that I took a while to post something ready already but that's because I couldn't upload the photos I needed for this post. Anyway, maybe you guys should try this?

     This entry will teach you how to bake the perfect dessert for your family, friends, or special someone. It’s called ‘Chocolate Pudding Cake.’ This cake is the perfect dessert because it is VERY AFFORDABLE, EASY TO DO, and it TASTES EXPENSIVE. Kids will love it and elders will want more each bite.

Let’s start with the ingredients and appliances. You will need:
1.) Turbo Boiler (or an oven)
2.) 2 oven top sauce pans (or any bowl or container that could be heated)
Sauce Pan
This is a ‘Corelle oven top sauce pan’

3.) 6 eggs

4.) 1 pack of bread
I just wanted to take a photo of 2 packs because I’m maarte like that. Anyway, you could also use flavored bread like the one of Gardenia:
Flavored Bread

5.) Sugar and a measuring cup
6.) 2 big cans of evaporated milk and a can opener

7.) Dark Chocolate (optional)
Dark Chocolate
Don’t use sweet chocolate; it HAS TO BE dark because it will serve as an accent to the taste.

8.) Mixer (or you can mix it yourself)

9.) A bowl where you could beat the eggs
10.) Confectionary Sugar (optional)

Now for the FUN PART! After you prepare the things needed, it’s time to BAKE! (Well duh?)

First, pour the evaporated milk in a bigger, separate container.

 Then add 2 cups of sugar.

After adding sugar, mix it with the evaporated milk until the sugar melts. While waiting for the sugar to melt, crack six eggs in a separate bowl.

BEAT IT, beat it, beat it, beat it!

Then pour it in the container where the mixture is. After, rip the bread into tiny pieces like this:
It has to be tiny!

And then dump the tiny pieces of bread in the container where you mixed all your ingredients.

Add half a cup of sugar, again. Mix it using your hands. MAKE SURE YOU WASH YOUR HANDS VERY WELL BEFORE DOING THIS.

When the sugar and bread are already slightly dissolved in the mixture, mix it AGAIN using your MIXER. This will make the cake more fine and soft, exactly like leche flan. If you don’t have a mixer, you should wait until the bread becomes very, very, soft. It should look melted in the mixture. Don’t worry, it will only take around 10-15 minutes.

While waiting for the bread to set, melt your dark chocolate.
When it is already melted, immediately put the dark chocolate in your mixture.

Make sure that you place it properly and evenly. If you don’t, the chocolate will be on one side of the cake only. Take note that adding chocolate is optional. You don’t need dark chocolate if you don’t have one. The mixture is good on its own, the chocolate is added to give more flavor only.
After that, heat your oven or boiler for around 5-15 minutes, without putting the mixture inside first. This will make your cake bake faster.


While waiting, transfer the mixture in your sauce pan, baking bowl, or whatever container you want to use for the baking process. This mixture is good for TWO cakes. That’s why you need TWO saucepans. So fill one saucepan, HALF FULL ONLY. Then fill another saucepan, HALF FULL again. That would be equal to 2 cakes. 2 cakes = 2 pans. REMEMBER!!! DO NOT fill the pan fully because it will overflow. You do not want that to happen.

When the boiler or oven is hot enough, it’s time to bake your mixture. Wait for 30-45 minutes, depending on how hot and how fast your oven bakes. It's really up to the oven you'll use. Make sure the cake is not too soft and not too hard.

When it’s done, slice it and add confectionary sugar, only if you want. It’s still great without it. Here's your finished product:


For me, the cake tastes better when it’s cold and when it has been in the fridge for at least 2 hours. It will taste like leche flan with chocolate, SWEAR! It’ll look like this:

As you can see, the texture is so soft and shiny; just like 'leche flan.'

Well that's it! If ever you tried it, I hope you liked it. I don't bake much and I usually don't tutor people so I hope that this first tutorial of mine would be helpful in any way.

Location: My kitchen
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19 August 2010 @ 05:55 pm
I haven’t updated my journal for quite a long time. I’m not slothful or anything, it’s just that my internet connection was such a thug! I hate you, GLOBE! You deprived me to blog everyday; it was my vacation plan. Though it’s not over between us, there is still something you can do to make me stay with you; improve your connection!!! I promise to treat you well. Okay weird, enough about Globe.

     I missed writing and it saddens me whenever I think about how I didn’t get to improve this skill of mine… That is, if my writing is even considered a skill. But even if I didn’t get to improve my writing skill, I still got to make the most out of my vacation by learning new things. One thing I learned is ‘baking.’

     When I was a kid, I enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. I used to help whoever the cook was. I sliced onions, tomatoes, etc. Let's just say, I was the little cook assistant. This reminds me of the first food I learned to cook myself, which was ‘pop corn.’ My grandmother taught me how. Easy, I know. But hey I was only 5 years old!

     As I grew older I hated cooking because of the protruding oil, fat, vegetable worms, and all the other loathful stuff found in the kitchen. The oil and fat frightens me until now. I tried to cook since then. And again, I’ve grown this little interest for it but there are still things that divest me to continue my little dream of becoming a teenage girl who can cook. So I tried to think of an alternative to still live that dream without having to panic whenever I do it.

     One boring day this month, I found my grandmother in the kitchen while I was running around the house. She was mixing eggs, sugar, and all these sweet stuff in a bowl. Turned out she was baking. I thought it would be fun to do something else for a change so I asked to help her. Then it hit me! Cooking isn’t for me, BAKING is! And because of the joy I felt when I finally baked something MYSELF, without anybody’s help, I decided to blog about it.

I now have my next entry ready. Make sure you read, yes? Maybe this post isn’t such a good come back for me but I swear that the next one will be. You know why? It’s because I will be teaching you how to bake a ‘Chocolate Pudding Cake.’ The original recipe is by my grandmother. You should try it! It’s easy and fun to do. It won’t cost you a lot of money but it will definitely taste expensive. I’ll end this post now, wait for my next entry. I will be posting it very soon, I promise!

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16 June 2010 @ 03:51 pm

Hello there! This is a video that my group mates and I made for our Philosophy project last term. Watch until the very end to understand what's so philosophical about this little video of ours. WARNING: the start is pretty boring so you can forward it if you want!
I always, always criticize myself, especially when it comes to the things I do or create. So I do know that:
- The plot wasn't well written. Yes, it really wasn't. Procrastination is a trait we can never get rid of. We wrote the script and everything else on the day of the shoot. Not to mention, that day was 2 days before the deadline. I had to edit the video pa. So yeah, the plot was made on the spot by me and my friend, Lia.

- The camera angles and some transitions looked very bad. Well I had a problem with the program I used 'cause I used it for only the second time. I wasn't very used to it. Since I was in a rush and since I wasn't very aware of how this and that worked, I was forced to create something close to garbage.

- The 1st scenes were too long. I should have made them shorter. The start is boring, I must admit.

- There were two consecutive songs. I am sorry, I had to make the video last for at least 20 minutes because it was required by the prof. I had to think of a way to make it longer and A BIT entertaining.

I am not making excuses or such, your criticisms are definitely welcome and appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed my video, even a little. This was done for only 1 day and 6 hours. It's pretty fast for a movie-like-ish video. Anyway, I'm sorry if it's a little malabo, I used an HD 10 megapixel camera but the file was too large to upload. I had to shrink its size. That's why the video quality was very much affected.

DIRECTORS: Sara Paredes (me) and Lia Ramos
WRITERS: Sara Paredes and Lia Ramos
ACTORS: Joshua Taboso (depressed guy)
Lia Ramos (first girlfriend)
Nicole Nolasco (second girlfriend)
Jennie Navoa (third girlfriend)
Eric Beltran (Nicole's boyfriend)
Bogart Santos (guy who beat up Joshua)
Sara Paredes (Joshua's friend)
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